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For some people, gift-giving is a serious undertaking. Those people use Larry's Gift services. Larry's gift consultants hand-pick from the bounty in Larry's Market, selecting just the right combination of rich coffee beans, crunchy pretzels, creamy cheese spreads, and scrumptious desserts and confections. Final touches, like the right wine accompaniment and fresh fruit garnish, make each gift a real treat.

The baskets and boxes make gifts appropriate for any occasion. Corporate gifts, for example, are designed with the office or professional environment in mind. Hospitality (or amenity) gifts from Larry's are a welcome departure from "the usual." Corporate Fulfillment is also a specialty at Larry's, customizing any order. New employee orientations, client gift giving, promotional packages: Larry's has done it all, making it new each time!


Daily Deli Specials!
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Gift Certificates Available
Don't know what to give? Larry's has gift certificates available in any denomination over $5.00!